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About Us

HARRA grew out of a simple belief that current workplace wellbeing solutions don't work in the long term. Below we share our own personal experiences that led us to creating a new preventative mode of wellbeing. 

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Juulia Karlstedt

My journey working in the mental health sector started over a decade ago when as a fresh-faced and optimistic psychology graduate I entered the workforce full of optimism and hell-bent on making a difference. 


On the surface, the work I was doing at the time should have been fulfilling but as the week went on, Mondays became harder to feel excited about. Deadlines. clients with complex needs and the daily grind started to take their toll.


I was not the only one in my team struggling. One by one my colleagues were signed off due to work-related stress. At many points, it felt as though we were struggling more than the clients we were working with! 

Having worked in the capacity of a therapist and wellbeing consultant for many years I sadly now know my experience is far too common. Workplace stress and anxiety are present even in the best-run organisations and impact a staggering number of employees yet it can often feel like there is no solution. Many of the stressors people struggle with are inherent to the job. (Deadlines are hard to get rid of in any industry!) 

HARRA was developed with the recognition of this complexity of workplace stress in mind. Our aim is to support people to find meaning and excitement in their work while supporting them to develop the skills and resources they need to work towards being their best selves. And we want to do this before people are actively struggling.


In essence, my story has come full circle; 10 years on I'm still hell-bent on making a difference!

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