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The HARRA Approach is rooted in Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT), an evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing that has been shown to significantly increase employee's wellbeing and resilience to workplace stressors.

Central to ACT is teaching employees how to be psychologically flexible and adaptable in the face of quickly arising situations and stressors at work. The aim is to support employees to develop the ability to work towards challenging goals even in the presence of difficulty and adversity. ACT brings together elements of mindfulness, goal setting, and problem solving under one easy to understand and internally consistant model.  


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Be Present

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Do What Matters

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Open Up

The HARRA Approach

We can provide a range of training and events that fit under our three wellbeing pillars: mind, body, & connect. Together these three pillars emcompass all six of ACT's core processes of psychological flexibility. Working with you, we can put together a bespoke training package that tailors to benefits of ACT to your team's needs.


"Clear, concise and very helpful to provide a workbook. Just the right length of time too." - Rachel, Workshop Participant

  • ACT in the Workplace - Workshop
    Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT) in the Workplace is an interactive workshop that can be delivered as 1 full day or 2 half days. The training is suitable for between 10-20 participants. ACT in the Workplace prepares employees to: - Find new ways to manage unhelpful thoughts and emotions - Develop psychological flexibility and resilience - Remain present and centred in stressful situations - Identify and take focused action towards valued goals
  • Bespoke Workshops
    Are you interested in something specific? Why not talk to us about a Bespoke Workshop. When developing a Bespoke Workshop, we work closely with you to understand your team's unique needs to deliver a targetted intervention.
  • Wellbeing Assessment
    Our Wellbeing Assessment has been designed to provide you with the information you need to make the best wellbeing choices for your team. The Wellbeing Assessment provides: - A company overview of wellbeing with recommendations - An individual report for each employee about their wellbeing score - Resources to help employees identify actions they can take to improve their wellbeing
  • Individual Counselling & Coaching
    Acceptance & Commitment Training has been designed to be delivered to employees on the full spectrum of workplace stress and anxiety. Some employees, however, benefit from individual counselling or coaching to help them look at specific goals are targets. Our Individual Counselling & Coaching is: - Goal focused - Time-limited - Tailored to each employees needs
  • Holistic Wellbeing Services
    Along with our workshops and other individual services, we are also able to provide a wide range of other complementary wellbeing services. Our list of services includes: - Yoga - Pilates - Meditation - Mindfulness - Fitness
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